Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Naming a port group

You can name or rename a port group and use this name in place of the port group ID.

Access Gateway and the PG policy must be enabled for the rename command to succeed.

Use the rename pgid command while in the configuration mode for a port group to change the port group name. The name cannot exceed 64 characters.

  1. Enter the configurecommand to enter global configuration mode.
    switch# configure
  2. Enter the rbridge-id rbridge-id command to enter RBridge ID configuration mode for the specific switch.
    switch(config)# rbridge-id 3
  3. Enter the ag command to enter Access Gateway configuration mode.
    switch(config-rbridge-id-3)# ag
  4. Enter the port group ID, such as pg 1, to enter configuration mode for the port group.
    switch(config-rbridge-id-3-ag)# pg 1
  5. Change the name of the port group using the rename pgid command. In the following example, port group is named pg-array24.
    switch(config-rbridge-id-3-ag-pg-1)# rename pg-array24
    The port group name must not exceed 64 characters.