Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Using HA commands

A variety of High Availability (HA) commands are available on the switch in privileged EXEC mode.

  • show ha displays the management module status.
    switch# show ha 
    Local (M2): Active, Cold Recovered
    Remote (M1): Standby, Healthy
    HA enabled, Heartbeat Up, HA State synchronized
  • ha failover forces the active management module to fail over. The standby management module will take over as the active management module. This command is only available in a modular chassis system.
  • reload system reboots the entire chassis. This command is supported only on the active management module. This command is not supported on the standby management module. Both management modules must be in sync for the HA reboot operation to succeed. In logical chassis cluster mode, this command can be issued from the principal node to reset one remote node or all of the remote nodes by specifying either the individual rbridge-id or all.
  • ha sync start enables HA state synchronization after an ha sync stop command has been invoked.
  • show ha all-partitions displays details for all line cards and the MM HA state.
For additional HA commands and related commands, refer to the Network OS Command Reference.