Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Configuring the DAD process for fabric cluster switches

For fabric cluster switches, the DHCP Automatic Deployment (DAD) process is applicable to both cluster upgrades and node replacement.

The following procedure configures DAD on switches in fabric cluster mode.

  1. Establish a DAD environment for the new switch. (Make sure DHCP is enabled on the management interface.)
    • The management interface of the switch must be set up as DHCP. After setting up the management interface on a switch in fabric cluster mode, you must use the copy running-config startup-config command for the configuration to take effect.
    • The DHCP server must have the FTP server IP address and configuration file path.
    • The configuration file is on the FTP server and it contains the firmware path, new configuration file path, VCS ID, VCS mode, and RBridge ID.
    • The DHCP server and FTP server must be up and running.
    • DAD must be enabled on the switch by means of the CLI.
  2. Enable DAD by using the dhcp auto-deployment enable command, and enter yes when prompted to reboot the system. During system bootup, the DAD process downloads the DAD configuration file and obtains the VCS ID and RBridge ID settings for a switch in fabric cluster mode. The switch configuration is retrieved from the FTP server if the FTP server is set up.
    The DAD process aborts if any error is detected.
  3. If the node configuration must be downloaded, set up the new configuration as the startup configuration so it will be applied automatically. The DAD process invokes a firmware download if new firmware is detected. Once the firmware download completes successfully, the switch comes up with the new firmware and configuration settings.
  4. Use the show dadstatus command to view the current DAD configuration.