Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Example zoning topology

Consider the following figure, which shows three configured zones: Red, Green, and Blue. In this figure the following is true:

  • Server 1 can communicate only with the Storage 1 device.
  • Server 2 can communicate only with the RAID and Storage 2 devices.
  • Server 3 can communicate with the RAID and Storage 1 devices.
  • The Storage 3 is not assigned to a zone; no other zoned fabric device can access it.
Figure 26. Zoning

Connecting to another network through a Fibre Channel (FC) router, you can create a Logical SAN (LSAN) zone to include zone objects on other fabrics, including Fabric OS networks. No merging takes place across the FC router when you create an LSAN zone. The figure below shows an example in which Server 1, which is connected to switch in a Brocade VCS Fabric cluster, has access to local storage and to RAID storage on a Fabric OS fabric. (For a detailed discussion of LSAN zones, refer to LSAN zones.)

Figure 27. LSAN zoning
Zoning in Network OS 4.0.0 and later has the following restrictions:
  • Zone objects based on physical port number or port ID (D,I ports) are not supported.
  • You cannot access a target on a Network OS fabric from a server on the Fabric OS fabric.