Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Saving supportSave data to an attached USB device

You can use a Brocade-branded USB device to save the support data. The Brocade-branded USB device comes with factory-configured default directories and interacts with the Network OS CLI.

  1. Enter the usb on command to enable the USB device.
  2. Enter the usb dir command to display the default directories.
  3. Enter the copy support usb directory command.
    switch# usb on
    USB storage enabled
    switch# usb dir
    firmwarekey\ 0B 2010 Aug 15 15:13
    support\ 106MB 2010 Aug 24 05:36
    support1034\ 105MB 2010 Aug 23 06:11
    config\ 0B 2010 Aug 15 15:13
    firmware\ 380MB 2010 Aug 15 15:13
    Available space on usbstorage 74%
    switch# copy support usb directory support

    If you are in logical chassis cluster mode, you can use the rbridge-id all option to invoke supportSave on all nodes at the same time. The copy support rbridge-id all command is a blocking command. The Telnet session from which the command is issued will be blocked until supportSave is completed on all nodes in the cluster; however, users can again Telnet into the same node or any other nodes in the cluster. When the command is in progress, output messages from all nodes are shown that include the respective node RBridge IDs. The copy support command, when executed with USB as the protocol option, will collect support files to the USB device that is connected to the respective nodes. All USB devices connected to each of the nodes should be enabled before the copy support usb command is executed.

    The following example shows the copy support command with the rbridge-id all option.

    switch# copy support ftp host user fvt password pray4green directory /support rbridge-id all
    switch 100: copy support start
    switch 117: Saving support information for chassis:sw0, module:RAS...
    switch 100: Saving support information for chassis:sw, module:RAS...
    switch 117: Saving support information for chassis:sw0, module:CTRACE_OLD...
    switch 100: copy support completed
    switch 117: copy support completed
    2011/04/07-18:03:07, [SS-1000], 2752,, INFO, VDX6720-24, copy support has uploaded support information to the host with IP address