Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Adding the vCenter

You must add the vCenter before initiating any discovery transactions. To authenticate with a specific vCenter, you must first configure the URL, login, and password properties on the VDX switch.

By default, the vCenter server accepts only HTTPS connection requests.
  1. Enter the vcenter command with the name, URL, user name, and password of the vCenter.
    switch(config)# vcenter myvcenter url username user password pass 
  2. An invalid state or condition of a vCenter can cause the deletion of all auto-port-profiles in a system. To prevent this from happening, configure the ignore-delete-all-response operand of the vcenter command to ignore the “delete-all” responses from the vCenter.
    switch# vcenter MYVC discover ignore-delete-all-response 5