Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Adding a new switch into a fabric

There are two methods to add a new switch into a fabric: The auto-fabric method and the manual method. For the auto-fabric method, refer to the "Auto Fabric" section of this manual.

To add a new switch into the Brocade VCS fabric manually, complete the following configuration steps.

  1. Connect to the switch and log in using an account assigned to the admin role.
  2. Enter the vcs rbridge-id rbridge-id enable command.

    The switch remembers its RBridge ID once it has been assigned. The vcs rbridge-id rbridge-id enable command also sets the insistent RBridge ID property on the switch.

  3. Reboot the system.

    After the required reboot the switch participates in the RBridge ID allocation protocol, which insists that the same value that was manually configured prior to reboot be allocated after reboot.

    The switch is not allowed into the fabric if there is a conflict; for example, if another switch with the same ID exists and is operational in the fabric. You have the opportunity to select a new RBridge ID by using the same CLI.

    Once an ID has been assigned by the fabric protocol, these IDs are then numerically equated to RBridge IDs and are treated as such after that.

    Use the vcs command to configure the Brocade VCS Fabric parameters, VCS ID, and the switch RBridge ID, and to enable Brocade VCS Fabric mode (also called VCS mode).

    VCS mode encompasses two mode types:

    • Fabric cluster mode — The data path for nodes is distributed, but the configuration path is not distributed. Each node keeps its configuration database independently.
    • Logical chassis cluster mode — Both the data and configuration paths are distributed. The entire cluster can be configured from the principal node. Logical chassis cluster mode requires Network OS 4.0 or later.

    The generic term VCS mode in this manual applies to both fabric cluster mode and logical chassis cluster mode unless otherwise stated.

    You can set the Brocade VCS Fabric parameters and enable VCS mode at the same time, or you can enable VCS mode and then perform the ID assignments separately. Refer to Configuring a Brocade VCS Fabric for details.

    After configuring the Brocade VCS Fabric parameters, the switch applies the changes and reboots.

    The switch disable is not saved across a reboot, so if the switch was disabled prior to the reboot, the switch returns to the enabled state when it finishes the boot cycle.