Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Access Gateway ports

Access Gateway supports VF_Ports that connect host systems to the switch, Layer 2 interface ports that connect the switch to the VCS Fabric cluster, and FC N_Ports that connect the switch to a FC fabric.

In order for hosts attached to VF_Ports on a VDX switch to connect with F_Ports on a FC switch, the VF_Ports must be mapped to the VDX switch N_Ports. Enabling AG mode configures all FC ports as N_Ports and maps VF_Ports to the N_Ports in a sequential, round-robin fashion. This allows for even distribution of logins in a typical configuration, where VF_Ports are sequentially allocated as ENodes log in. You can change this default mapping by mapping any VF_Port to an N_Port using Network OS commands, as described in Configure Port Mapping.

The following types of ports are supported on a VDX switch in AG mode:
  • N_Ports (node ports)—Connects a switch in AG mode to the F_Port on the Fibre Channel switch. By using FlexPort commands, you can enable the following numbers of N_Ports on supported switches:
    • VDX 6740 — 32 N_Ports
    • VDX 6740T — 16 N_Ports
    • VDX 6740T-1G — 16 N_Ports
    • VDX 2740 — 14 external ports and 8 (2 x 4) ports in breakout mode
    • VDX 2746 — 14 external ports and 8 (2 x 4) ports in breakout mode
  • VF_Ports (Virtual Fabric ports)—Connect FCoE hosts and devices behind LAG-supported FSB devices. You can map these ports to specific N_Ports for connection to a Fibre Channel switch. Consider the following specifications:
    • By default, each switch is assigned 64 VF_Ports.
    • There is no limit to the number of VF_Ports that you can map to an N_Port.
    • Up to 64 NPIV logins are allowed per VF_Port.
    • Valid VF_Port numbers are 1 to 1000.
  • L2 interface ports—Ethernet TRILL ports that connect with other VDX switches in the Brocade VCS Fabric cluster. The number of available TRILL ports = (total number of physical ports) – (ports converted to Fibre Channel ports).

Since all VDX switch FC ports are enabled as N_Ports in Access Gateway mode, FC hosts or targets cannot directly attach to the AG switch. When Access Gateway mode is enabled, you can configure additional FC port attributes for the N_Ports as you would on non-AG switches.

Transitioning from native VCS to AG mode

Be aware of the following interface and port functions after enabling AG mode:

  • CEE interfaces will be in a no-shutdown state.
  • If FC ports are connected to FC switch F_Ports, connected N_Ports should come up automatically. Devices connected to mapped VF_Ports should come up after you enter the fcoeport command on the interface port.
  • VDX switch Ethernet ports are under the native VCS switch configuration.
  • For default VF_Port to N_Port mapping, VF_Ports are mapped to N_Ports sequentially in a round-robin fashion as ENodes log in. Mapping that you implement through the map fport interface fcoe port command overrides the default mapping.
  • VCS Fabric services run on VCS ports and not under the Access Gateway dæmon.