Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Configuring port mapping

When operating in Access Gateway mode, you can specify routes that AG will use to direct traffic from the devices (hosts or targets) on its VF_Ports to the ports connected to the fabric using its N_Ports. The process of specifying routes is called "mapping." When AG is enabled on a switch, VF_Ports are assigned to available N_Ports in a round-robin fashion as ENodes log in. You can change this mapping using the following instructions.

Use the map fport interface fcoe port command to map specific VF_Ports to a an N_Port to ensure that all traffic from these VF_Ports always goes through the same N_Port. You must enter this command while in N_Port configuration mode for a specific N_Port. All VF_Ports mapped to an N_Port in an N_Port group will be part of that port group.
Remember the following points when mapping ports:
  • The range of valid VF_Ports and N_Ports is specific to the VDX platform. Refer to Access Gateway port types for valid port numbers.
  • Newly allocated VF_Ports are mapped to existing N_Ports in a round-robin fashion.
  • Newly deallocated VF_Ports are removed from existing mappings.
  • If the AG switch is connected to a FC switch, the connected N_Port and devices on the mapped VF_Ports should come online automatically.

Use the following steps to configure VF_Port to N_Port mapping:

  1. Perform steps under Displaying Port Mapping to display current and configured port mapping.
  2. Enter the configure command to access global configuration mode.
    switch# configure
  3. Enter the rbridge-id id command to enter RBridge ID mode for the specific switch.
    switch(config)# rbridge-id 2
  4. Enter the ag command to enter Access Gateway configuration mode.
    switch(config-rbridge-id-2)# ag
  5. Enter the nport interface fiberchannel port command for the N_Port where you want to change or set mapping to a VF_Port, where port is the N_Port number in rbridge-id/slot/port format. This accesses the configuration mode for the N_Port.
    switch(config-rbridge-id-2-ag)# nport interface fiberchannel 2/0/4
  6. Perform one of the following steps:
    • To map a VF_Port to the N_Port, enter map fport interface fcoe port, where port is the VF_Port in domain/rbridge-id/port format.
      switch(config-rbridge-id-2-ag-nport-if-fi-2/0/4)# map fport interface fcoe 1/2/26
    • To remove a VF_Port mapped to the N_Port, enter the no map fport interface fcoe port command, where port is the VF_Port number in domain/rbridge-id/port format.
      switch(config-rbridge-id-2-ag-nport-if-fi-2/0/4)# no map fport interface fcoe 1/2/26
  7. Return to privileged EXEC mode and enter the show running-config rbridge-id rbridge id ag command to verify configured VF_Port to N_Port mapping. Refer to Displaying Port Mapping for more information.
    switch# show running-config rbridge-id 2 ag