Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Introduction to Brocade VCS Fabric technology

Brocade VCS Fabric technology is an Ethernet technology that allows you to create flatter, virtualized, and converged data center networks. Brocade VCS Fabric technology is elastic, permitting you to start small, typically at the access layer, and expand your network at your own pace.

Brocade VCS Fabric technology is built upon three core design principles:

  • Automation
  • Resilience
  • Evolutionary design

When two or more Brocade VCS Fabric switches are connected together, they form an Ethernet fabric and exchange information among each other using distributed intelligence. To the rest of the network, the Ethernet fabric appears as a single logical chassis.

The following figure shows an example of a data center with a classic hierarchical Ethernet architecture and the same data center with a Brocade VCS Fabric architecture. The Brocade VCS Fabric architecture provides a simpler core-edge topology and is easily scalable as you add more server racks.

Figure 1. Classic Ethernet architecture