Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Changing an RBridge ID on a switch within a fabric

It may become necessary to change the RBridge ID number on a switch that rebooted and has become orphaned from the cluster.

  1. Backup the global configuration before changing the RBridge ID, because the local configuration will be reset to default values. Refer to Backing up configurations.
  2. On the rebooted switch, execute the chassis disable command.
    switch# chassis disable
  3. From the fabric principal switch, execute the no vcs enable rbridge-id rbridge-id command, where rbridge-id is the switch that was orphaned.
    switch# no vcs enable rbridge-id 3
  4. On the rebooted switch, execute the vcs rbridge-id rbridge-id command, where rbridge-id is the RBridge you want to use.
  5. The VCSID should already be set, if it's not set it with the vcs rbridge-id rbridge-id.
  6. Reboot the orphaned switch.

    The following behavior will take effect after the switch reboots:

    • All interfaces will be in shutdown state. You must perform a no shutdown command on ISL interfaces before the switch will rejoin the cluster.
    • The original configuration will be lost and the switch will have a default configuration when it rejoins the cluster with the new RBridge ID.
  7. Use the show vcs detail command to verify that the switch is in the fabric.
    switch# show vcs detail 
    Config Mode : Local-Only
    VCS ID : 1
    Total Number of Nodes : 6
    Node :1
    Serial Number : BKN2501G00R
    Condition : Good
    Status : Connected to Cluster
    VCS Id : 1
    Rbridge-Id : 38
    Co-ordinator : NO
    WWN : 10:00:00:05:33:52:2A:82
    Switch MAC : 00:05:33:52:2A:82
    FCF MAC : 0B:20:B0:64:10:27
    Switch Type : BR-VDX6720-24-C-24
    Internal IP :
    Management IP :
    Node :2
    Serial Number : BZA0330G00P