Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Brocade VCS Fabric terminology

The following terms are used in this document.

Table 2 Network OS terms



Edge ports

In an Ethernet fabric, all switch ports used to connect external equipment, including end stations, switches, and routers.

Ethernet fabric

A topologically flat network of Ethernet switches with shared intelligence, such as the Brocade VCS Fabric.

Fabric ports

The ports on either end of an Inter-Switch Link (ISL) in an Ethernet fabric.

Inter-Switch Link (ISL)

An interface connected between switches in a VCS fabric. The ports on either end of the interface are called ISL ports or Fabric ports. The ISL can be a single link or a bundle of links forming a Brocade trunk. This trunk can either be created as a proprietary Brocade trunk, or a standard IEEE 802.3ad based link aggregation.


A physical switch in a VCS fabric.

RBridge ID

A unique identifier for an RBridge, each switch has a unique RBridge ID. In commands, the RBridge ID is used in referencing all interfaces in the VCS fabric. Refer to Configuring a Brocade VCS Fabric for information about setting the RBridge ID.


A unique identifier for a VCS fabric. The factory default VCS ID is 1. All switches in a VCS fabric must have the same VCS ID.


World Wide Name. A globally unique ID that is burned into the switch at the factory.