Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Managing domain IDs

FCoE connectivity across the Fibre Channel link between Brocade VCS Fabric clusters and FC routers uses domain IDs to identify switches. Within a Brocade VCS Fabric cluster, a domain ID is the same as a routing bridge ID. When you connect to a Fibre Channel router, the FC Fabric Fibre Channel router service emulates virtual phantom FC domains in the FCoE fabric. Each FCR-enabled switch emulates a single "front" phantom domain and each FC fabric is represented by a translate phantom domain.

It is important to ensure that front domain IDs and translate domain IDs presented by the FC router do not overlap routing bridge IDs in the FCoE fabric; otherwise, the connectivity will fail and the Network OS switch with the overlapping routing bridge ID becomes isolated from the fabric. To prevent potential overlap, use the portCfgExport -d Fabric OS command on the FC router to apply a unique front domain ID — one that will not be used in the FCoE fabric. Similarly, use the fcrXlateConfig importedFID exportedFID preferredDomainID Fabric OS command to set the translate domain ID to a unique value that is also not used as a routing bridge ID.

Refer to the Fabric OS Command Reference Manual for details about the portCfgExport and fcrXlateConfig commands.