Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

LSAN naming

Zones that contain hosts and targets that are shared between the two fabrics need to be explicitly coordinated. To share devices between any two fabrics, you must create an LSAN zone in both fabrics containing the WWNs of the devices to be shared. Although you manage an LSAN zone by using the same tools as any other zone on the edge fabric, two behaviors distinguish an LSAN zone from a conventional zone:

  • A required naming convention. The name of an LSAN zone begins with the prefix "LSAN_". The LSAN name is case-insensitive; for example, lsan_ is equivalent to LSAN_, Lsan_, and so on.
  • LSAN zone members in all fabrics must be identified by their WWN. You cannot use the port IDs that are supported only in Fabric OS fabrics.
The "LSAN_" prefix must appear at the beginning of the zone name.

To enable device sharing across multiple fabrics, you must create LSAN zones on the edge fabrics (and optionally on the backbone fabric as well), using normal zoning operations to create zones with names that begin with the special prefix "LSAN_", and adding host and target port WWNs from both local and remote fabrics to each local zone as desired. Zones on the backbone and on multiple edge fabrics that share a common set of devices will be recognized as constituting a single multi-fabric LSAN zone, and the devices that they have in common will be able to communicate with each other across fabric boundaries.