Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

VF_Port to N_Port mapping

To connect hosts attached to VDX Switch VF_Ports to Fibre Channel switch F_Ports, the appropriate VF_Ports must be mapped to VDX Switch N_Ports. Although ports have a factory-default mapping based on the VDX platform, you can change mapping using Network OS commands.

Consider the following when mapping ports:
  • You can map multiple VF_Ports to an N_Port. There is no limit to the number of VF_Ports that you can map to an N_Port.
  • You can only configure VF_Port to N_Port mapping for devices directly attached to VF_Ports on the VDX switch and F_Ports on the connected FC switch. These mappings control device logins through appropriate N_Ports.
  • Consider the N_Port and VF_Port ranges allowed for a VDX platform. Refer to Access Gateway port types.
  • If an N_Port is removed from a port group enabled for Automatic Login Balancing mode and moved to another port group, the VF_Ports mapped to that N_Port remain with the N_Port. If an N_Port is moved from a port group not enabled for Automatic Login Balancing mode, the VF_Ports that are mapped to the N_Port move to the default Port Group 0.