Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Creating a zone

A zone cannot persist without any zone members. When you create a new zone, the zoning defined-configuration zone command places you in a command subconfiguration mode where you can add the first zone member entry. You can specify multiple members by separating each member from the next by a semicolon (;).

Zones without any zone members cannot exist in volatile memory. They are deleted when the transaction commits successfully.

The following procedure adds a new zone to the defined configuration.

  1. In privileged EXEC mode, enter the show name-server detail command to obtain the WWNs of servers and targets available in the Brocade VCS Fabric.
  2. Enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.
  3. Enter the zoning defined-configuration zone command and enter a new zone name to add a new zone.

    A subconfiguration mode prompt appears.

  4. Enter the subconfiguration mode member-entry command to specify at least one member entry.

    The member entry must be specified as a port WWN, a node WWN, or an alias. You can mix WWNs and aliases.

    Add multiple members in one operation by separating each member entry with a semicolon (;). No spaces are allowed after the semicolon.

  5. Enter the exit command to return to global configuration mode.
  6. Enter the zoning enabled-configuration cfg-action cfg-save command to save the modified configuration to nonvolatile memory.

    Example of creating a zone with two members, a WWN and an alias:

    switch# show name-server detail
    PID: 012100
    Port Name: 10:00:00:05:1E:ED:95:38
    Node Name: 20:00:00:05:1E:ED:95:38
          (output truncated)
    switch# configure terminal
    Entering configuration mode terminal
    switch(config)# zoning defined-configuration zone zone1
    switch(config-zone-zone1)# member-entry 20:00:00:05:1E:ED:95:38;alias2
    switch(config-zone-zone1)# exit
    switch(config)# zoning enabled-configuration cfg-action cfg-save