Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Replacing a line card

You can remove a line card without powering it off. However, doing so will not remove the configuration. When you replace a card with a different type, you must first remove the configuration and then reconfigure the slot for the new line card type.

Install a new line card only if it is supported by the firmware running in the chassis. Inserting a line card into a chassis running firmware that does not support the line card may result in unexpected behavior.

Complete the following steps to replace a line card.

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Removing the configuration requires the card to be powered off.
  1. Power off the line card by issuing the power-off linecard command followed by the slot number.
  2. Enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.
  3. Enter the rbridge-id rbridge-id command to enter RBridge ID configuration mode.
  4. Enter the no linecard slot_number command to clear the slot configuration.
  5. Remove the line card.
  6. Enter the linecard slot_number command followed by a question mark (?) to display the line card menu.
  7. Select a line card type and enter the linecard slot_number linecard_type command.
  8. Enter the exit command twice to return to privileged EXEC mode.
  9. Insert the new line card into the configured slot.
  10. Enter the power-on linecard command to power on the line card.
  11. Save the configuration persistently by issuing the copy running-config startup-config command after the line card reaches the online state.
  12. Verify the configuration with the show running-config linecard linecard command.
    switch# power-off linecard 4
    switch# configure terminal
    Entering configuration mode terminal
    switch(config)# rbridge-id 1
    switch(config-rbridge-id-1)# no linecard 4
    switch(config-rbridge-id-1)# linecard 4 ?
    Possible completions:
    LC12x40G  12X40G linecard
    LC48x1G		48X1G linecard
    LC48x10G  48X10G linecard
    LC72x1G  72X1G linecard
    LC48x10GT	48X10G Base-T linecard
    LC27X40G		27X40G linecard
    LC6X100G		6X100G linecard
    switch(config-rbridge-id-1)# linecard 4 LC48x10G
    Creating new linecard configuration was successful.
    switch(config-rbridge-id-1)# exit
    switch(config)# exit
    switch# copy running-config startup-config
    switch# show running-config rbridge-id 4 linecard
    rbridge-id 1
    linecard 1 LC48x10G
    linecard 4 LC48x10G