Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Setting and displaying the host name

  1. In privileged EXEC mode, issue the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.
  2. If Telnet is not activated on the switch, enter the no telnet server disable command to activate Telnet.
  3. Enter the switch-attributes command, followed by a question mark (?) to determine the local RBridge ID.
  4. Enter the switch-attributes command, followed by the RBridge ID.
  5. Enter the host-name operand, followed by the host name.
  6. Save the configuration changes by using the do copy running-config startup-config command.
    This step is used for switches in fabric cluster mode only. If you are using logical chassis cluster mode, startup configurations are not maintained by the cluster; each node preserves its running configuration. For more information about logical chassis cluster mode, refer to Logical chassis cluster mode.
  7. Verify the configuration with the do show running-config switch-attributes rbridge-id command.
    switch# configure terminal
    Entering configuration mode terminal
    switch(config)# no telnet server disable
    switch(config)# switch-attributes ?
    Possible completions: <NUMBER:1-239>  Specify the rbridge-id 1 
    switch(config)# switch-attributes 1
    switch(config-switch-attributes-1)# host-name lab1_vdx0023
    switch(config-switch-attributes-1)# exit
    switch(config)# do copy running-config startup-config
    switch(config)# do show running-config switch-attributes 1
    switch-attributes 1
     chassis-name VDX 6740-48
     host-name lab1_vdx0023