Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Setting system thresholds

Each component can be in one of two states, down or marginal, based on factory-defined or user-configured thresholds. (The default thresholds are listed in Configuring System Monitor.)

  1. Issue the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.
  2. Enter RBridge ID configuration mode, as in the following example.
    switch(config)# rbridge-id 154
  3. Change down-threshold and marginal-threshold values for the SFM.
    switch(config-rbridge-id-154)# system-monitor sfm threshold down-threshold 3 marginal-threshold 2
    You can disable the monitoring of each component by setting down-threshold and marginal-threshold values to 0 (zero).