Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Brocade support for OpenStack

OpenStack is an open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) initiative for creating and managing large groups of virtual private servers in a cloud computing environment. The Brocade Neutron Plugin for VDX/VCS provides a means to interface with Openstack's networking to orchestrate the Brocade physical switches.

In cloud environments where Virtual Machines (VMs) are hosted by physical servers, the VMs see a new virtual access layer provided by the host machine. This new access layer can be created using many mechanisms, such as Linux Bridges or Virtual Switches. The policies of the virtual access layer (virtual network), must be coordinated with the policies set in the hardware switches. The Brocade Neutron Plugin helps in coordinating this behavior automatically without any intervention from the administrator.

Figure 15. Virtual and physical network orchestration

The Brocade Neutron ML2 Plugin communicates with the Brocade Mechanism Driver, which uses NETCONF on the back-end to configure the Brocade switches. The OpenStack feature supports VLANs only.

Figure 16. OpenStack configuration path

For the latest version of the OpenStack Neutron plugin, go to the site and search under plugins for the Brocade plugin. The OpenStack community can be contacted at