Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

DHCP zero touch provisioning

Zero touch provisioning (ZTP) allows you to automatically start up the device with the correct firmware and configuration as soon as you plug into the network.

The following configuration considerations apply to DAD in a ZTP environment.

  • ZTP is supported only on out-of-band ports.
  • DAD supports up to two nodes for IP fabric in the logical chassis mode.
  • All nodes can either be powered up at the same time or enabled from the CLI.
  • You can turn off DHCP if required if you need to assign a static IP address to the switch.
  • DAD executes only if the switch configuration is the default configuration. If the configuration on the switch is not the default configuration, DAD exits.
  • If the switch is in the default configuration before DAD is triggered, DHCP will remain enabled after the deployment completes. However, this setting can be overwritten by the switch-specific configuration file or the script.
  • The factory default DAD runs only once in a DHCP-enabled environment. Irrespective of whether this process is a success or failure, DAD will not be triggered again after a reboot or power off. You can run DAD manually using the dhcp auto-deployment enable command if required.
  • DAD is enabled automatically upon switch reboot when you use the write erase command.