Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Zone configurations

A zone configuration is a group of one or more zones. A zone can be included in more than one zone configuration. When a zone configuration is enabled, all zones that are members of that configuration are enabled.

Several zone configurations can reside on a switch at once, and you can quickly alternate between them. For example, you might want to have one configuration enabled during the business hours and another enabled overnight. However, only one zone configuration can be enabled at a time.

The different types of zone configurations are:

  • Defined Configuration

The complete set of all zone objects defined in the fabric.

  • Enabled Configuration

A single zone configuration that is currently in effect. The enabled configuration is built when you enable a specified zone configuration.

If you disable the enabled configuration, zoning is disabled on the fabric, and default zoning takes effect. When default zoning takes effect, either all devices within the fabric can communicate with all other devices, or no device communicate with any other device, depending on how default zoning is configured. Disabling the configuration does not mean that the zone database is deleted, however, only that no configuration is active in the fabric.

On power-up, the switch automatically reloads the saved configuration. If a configuration was active when it was saved, the same configuration is reinstated on the local switch.