Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Auto Fabric

Auto Fabric is a feature that allows plug-and-play for Brocade VDX switches.

A type of configuration known as bare-metal is required for a switch to join an existing VCS cluster by means of plug and play. The cluster must be a logical chassis cluster.

Bare-metal configuration is a profile that contains a WWN-to-RBridge ID mapping. You first must pre-configure this mapping in the existing VCS cluster to allow the bare-metal switch to join the cluster. A switch with its bare-metal flag set to true (which is the factory default) can request the following required configuration settings from a physically connected neighbor that already belongs to the cluster:

  • VCS ID
  • RBridge ID
  • VCS mode
  • Global VLAN state

From this information, the bare-metal switch auto-configures itself and reboots with the bare-metal flag now disabled. (Any configuration performed on the switch disables the bare-metal flag, but you may need to toggle the ISL. However the bare-metal configuration on the remaining nodes in the cluster remains intact. ) Bare-metal state must be disabled for cluster formation to occur.

If VCS parameters are not set, the switch returns to the bare-metal-enabled state if you issue a write erase command, or if you do a Netinstall. In addition, if VCS parameters are not set, the firmwaredownload default-config command also returns the switch to the bare-metal-enabled state.