Network OS Administration Guide

Supporting Network OS 6.0.1a

Part Number: 53-1003768-04

Configuration file types

Brocade Network OS supports three types of configuration files. The table below lists the standard configuration files and their functions.

Table 12 Standard switch configuration files

Configuration file


Default configuration

  • defaultconfig.novcs
  • defaultconfig.vcs

Part of the Network OS firmware package. The default configuration is applied, if no customized configuration is available.

Startup configuration

  • startup-config

Configuration effective on startup and after reboot.

Running configuration

  • running-config

Current configuration active on the switch. Whenever you make a configuration change, it is written to the running configuration. For fabric cluster mode, the running configuration does not persist across reboot, unless you copy it to the startup configuration.

However, when the switch is in logical chassis cluster mode, the running-config file is saved automatically and it does not need to be copied.

Configuration management follows a transaction model. When you boot up a switch for the first time, the running configuration is identical to the startup configuration. As you configure the switch, the changes are written to the running configuration. To save the changes, you must save the currently effective configuration (the running configuration) as the startup configuration. When the switch reboots, the configuration changes become effective.