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Brocade Capital Solutions

Define the Future with On-Demand Network Acquisition

Define the Future with On-Demand Network Acquisition

It's time to subscribe to a future that you define on-demand with unlimited scalability, unlimited upgradability, and total freedom from term commitments and depreciation cycles.

Brocade Network Subscription is an open-ended solution that enables organizations to acquire network infrastructure with pay-as-you-go flexibility. Brocade is empowering organizations to make both business and technology decisions that work for them—not just today, but every day moving forward.

Today's IT managers are expected to identify network solutions that can quickly accommodate ever-changing needs, yet they are restricted by traditional purchase or lease models that lack the flexibility to adapt on-demand. With Brocade Network Subscription, organizations can refresh their network infrastructure and simply add or subtract capacity without the need for capital expenditure, allowing them to focus on scaling their business instead of their network infrastructure.

With this IT-as-a service solution, subscribers acquire:
? What they need ? When they need it ? Where they need it ? How they want it

Benefits of Brocade Network Subscription include:

  • Pay-as-you-go flexibility free from term commitments and depreciation cycles
  • Unlimited upgradability on your schedule
  • Limitless up-and-down scalability to adjust to changing business needs
  • The ability to align IT infrastructure capacity and project costs with network demand and benefits
  • The ability to balance OpEx and CapEx with fiscal certainty to manage cash flow

Brocade Portfolio of Acquisition Alternatives

By financing networks through Brocade Capital Solutions, organizations can have Brocade pay for their technology and spread the cost over time. Brocade offers the following acquisition alternatives to help today's organizations make strategic IT investments while conserving capital:

  • Brocade Network Subscription: A flexible, open-ended acquisition model that increases or decreases network capacity without long-term commitments.
  • Brocade Subscription Plus: A single contract that blends the pay-as-you-go flexibility of Brocade Network Subscription with the ability to finance third-party equipment or services for an end-to-end network solution.
  • Brocade Leasing: A lease program that provides network equipment acquisition and support with little upfront cost.

Brocade networks are deployed in over 90 percent of the Fortune Global 1000 Data Centers. Brocade Network Subscription enables you to install the network you need today with no upfront investment, and update it as your requirements change without any penalty, hidden fees, or term commitments.

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Brocade Network Subscription is a new acquisition model aimed at today’s environment of economic and technological uncertainty.