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Human Services

Supporting Global Human Services

To be truly extraordinary, each Brocade employee must feel a responsibility not just to the high-tech world, but to the world at large. One way Brocade demonstrates its commitment to global human services is through its work with the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which provides financial assistance anywhere on earth, as soon as it is needed.

After the Australian state of Victoria was engulfed in flames amid 100-degree temperatures and 60-mph winds, Brocade employees sprang into action, donating money that was matched by the corporate Brocade office and then donated through the Red Cross.

Brocade took the same course of action when a massive earthquake rocked China's Sichuan Province, when a cyclone tore through Myanmar, and when Hurricane Katrina shattered the southern coast of the United States to devastating effect.

"I'm proud to work for a company that puts compassion into action," said Graham Schultz, Brocade Australia country manager. "It is an expectation among my local team that there will be some form of initiative when there's trouble in the world. It's very heartening."