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Corporate Giving

Charitable giving and projects that provide positive change with measurable results within the surrounding community are integral components of the Brocade company culture. Brocade supports programs that help make our global communities better, stronger, and more vibrant places in which to live, work, and do business. Brocade has a long-standing commitment and focus on those organizations that provide services with educational, environmental, and human service benefits.


Education Initiatives

Education Initiatives

Fostering Interest in Science and Math Education

Brocade is dedicated to advancing math and science education opportunities that contribute to the growth and development of our future technologists and leaders.

  • Partnering with innovative primary and secondary (5th - 12th) science and education programs to increase the number of students pursuing science, math, and engineering fields.
  • Support primary and secondary (5th - 12th) science and math teacher professional development programs to engage students at all levels and support teacher proficiency.
  • Connect Brocade goals with local community needs where we do business.
Human Services

Human Services

Creating Awareness at Home and Around the World

Brocade takes pride in investing in organizations that benefit the less fortunate. This includes groups that provide daily services, as well as those that come to the rescue in times of emergency. Brocade is committed to:

  • Supporting local groups such as the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Colorado Food Bank of the Rockies, which engage in ending hunger on a local level.
  • Supporting organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, which builds homes across the nation for families that could otherwise not afford them, as well as Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley, which provides similar housing services close to home.
  • Leading the way in generating funds when there is an urgent need, including working with the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to provide immediate financial assistance around the globe in the event of a disaster.


Taking a Leadership Role in Maintaining a Healthy Environment

As a global company, Brocade feels committed to environmental stewardship. Brocade conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner, seeks sustainable use of natural resources, encourages the efficient use of energy and raw materials, and helps to prevent pollution. Brocade seeks out and supports groups that defend the world's ecosystems. In particular, Brocade pledges to:

  • Support the efforts of local groups that endeavor to improve the natural surroundings where we live and work.
  • Invest in "green" movements around the United States and abroad.