At Brocade, we recognize that teamwork is critical to success. This is reflected in our culture, values, and core competencies. As a corporation, Brocade works to create an environment that fosters excellence through teamwork and that encourages employees to contribute, learn, and grow throughout their careers.

A corporation's culture is the direct reflection of its management's vision and values and of the standards, attitudes, and aspirations of the people who work within the organization. At Brocade, our corporate culture reflects our passion for integrity, excellence, and market leadership. We are a fast-paced, highly collaborative team that embraces change and strives for best-in-class results on all of our endeavors.

Innovation and execution are key to our success. Our goal is to maintain a nimble, proactive infrastructure and ensure the right level of processes and tools to support our people and our business. Everything we do is based on teamwork, with cross-functional communications and involvement integrated into every process. We encourage differences in thoughts, styles, and approaches, and we treat each other with respect, dignity, and trust.